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 Dragon Clan Union Forum Rules. Read before posting!

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PostSubject: Dragon Clan Union Forum Rules. Read before posting!   Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:31 pm

Hello All

1. General Discussion - Can be very vague, but this section is for threads just about DC Union. Off topic posts will be deleted and user/s may be punished if done repeatedly.

2. No Porn! - No Child PORN, or any sort of porn allowed in the forum. Avatars/ pictures and signatures must not contain exposed privates or see through clothes. Questionable attachments, avatars, and signatures will be deleted without notice and can result in a member being warned or suspended.

3. Savoir vivre - This is the rule of common sense. I don't see any point in telling you how to behave in a group of people. The rules of personal culture are obvious. Please keep them in mind.
What goes by - swearing, blaming other users, offensive language - is forbidden.

4. Forum order - our main job is to keep order on the forum, prevent mess to broke it.
What goes by - flooding, double-posting, double-threading, ignoring search function, using wrong section - is forbidden.

5. Forum view - Everybody wants to have a nice and clear forum where he can easily find what he wants. Please name evey thread connecting to its text. I mean, don't make threads like 'help' or 'please help' or 'sbot bug' and so on.
What goes by - using caps lock in thread names, using more than 3 of these sings : !; ?; @ and so on and also threads like 'help' or 'please help' and so on - is forbidden.

6. Annoucement & Stickies - They are easy to find, always on top, easy to brief. However, I noticed that many of you ignore them. And that's a mistake. Most of common problems are solved in exactly those threads.
What goes by - posting things which are already answered in stickies/annoucements - is forbidden.

7. Scamming - Any form of Scamming will result to an instant suspension / ban. Whether it is ingame scamming or real life scamming is not tolerated. All cases of scam will be investigated specially those scammers that sell BotCards. Do not scam a fellow member in this community. If you have been a victim of a scam please contact any of our Admins and Mods.

8. English to communicate - In each category of the forums we encourage our members to use English as a medium of communication. So Admins, Mods and others can understand you, if help is needed. Non English topics, posts will be removed without notice.

Your Avatar Settings
Your avatar must be no bigger than 90 pixels by 90 pixels in size. Uploaded avatars from your computer must be no larger than 50 KB.
The following file types are allowed: gif,jpg,jpeg,png

Not more than 800 pixels in length and not more than 150 pixels in height.

The most important thing is DC Union like everyone to have great time in our forum.

Regards, DC Union team.

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Dragon Clan Union Forum Rules. Read before posting!
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